<H3>Superman Comics</H3>

The very first introduction the world had to Superman was in the form of comic books. The first one was introduced in 1938 after the creator Jerry Siegel worked out a deal with Detective Comics. Superman was the first of many superheroes to follow though in the world of comic books. People of all ages were very impressed by his abilities, his life, and his desire to conquer the evil of the world.

Jerry Siegel continued to write all of the material for the Superman comics on his own until 1945. At that time he was drafted into the military due to the war. As a result he was limited in the writing he could do. Detective Comics hired a writing team to help out so they could continue the publications. Even after Siegel got out of the war he continued to work with this writing team. Over the years the team of writers has changed but the magic is still there.

In addition to the fascinating story lines in Superman comics, the illustrations were magnificent. The very best artists were hired by Detective Comics to make these colorful portraits. It is believed this was a hot selling point for many of the early Superman comics. Children were quite impressed with the action scenes captured in their comic books. Parents were often thrilled that their children were reading something so they didn’t oppose to it.

Many of the early editions of Superman comic books continue to be very collectible. Some people have their original sets from when they were children. Many adult collectors have been seeking certain issues for quite some time. It can be very expensive to get your hands on these rare collectibles. You can tell the order of a Superman comic series by the numbers on them.

Superman comics continue to be the longest running line out there. They are still published by Detective Comics. Even though there are many other superheroes to choose from, the comics with Superman in them continue to be huge hits. Detective comics has even had Superman guest star in the comics of other superheroes in order to boost those sales.


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