What type of product will info you create?

Once you have researched your topic, it’s time to decide what type of product
would fit your topic. Do you want an ebook? Should it be software? What form
will your product take?

To start you off on the right foot, read the ebook entitled “Super Fast Products” by
Larry Dotson. This book contains 100 ideas for generating your own info
products. These suggestions can be very easy, very fast, and very inexpensive
to implement.

For example, did you ever think about interviewing an expert in your given topic
area and turning that interview into a product? Actually, you could make multiple
products from a single interview! Be creative here … interview the person over
the telephone and record the call. Then, you can sell the recording as one

You can sell a transcript as a second product. You can put together a summary
of the transcript and use it as a multi-part e-course to get new subscribers to your
list. As I said, be creative! The possibilities are endless!

Once you find a profitable topic and you’ve done your research to confirm that
there is a market for the topic, it’s time to begin developing your product around
the topic. For example, say that your topic is building sand castles, your first step
would be to create an outline of what your book on sand castles would contain.
Take each bullet from your outline and write a few pages about it.

You should start with a very basic outline. Simply put in the big roman numerals.
From there, go in and create sub-sections with capital letters for each one. Once
you have the sub-sections, add in numbered lists for each of the letters. You can
actually write an entire book in this fashion.

When you’re done, put it all together in one file. Guess what? You just created
your first product! Time to start selling!


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