Seven Dollar Ebooks Sweep The Net

Once again, the internet marketing juggernaut is rolling out a totally brand new style of product. The difference is that this time it is a good thing as opposed to previous rollouts that were just a vain attempt to rip more money from unsuspecting consumers and at sky high prices.

Traditionally, ebooks and information has sold online at what can only be described as ridiculous prices compared to an offline bookshop. We have seen innumerable ebooks priced at anywhere up to $127 and sometimes more. The bulk of the ebooks of course have been around the $27 mark, which is still outrageous compared to offline book prices.

The reason for this in the past is mainly due to the high commissions being paid to affiliates in order to promote the ebook. An individual would write a book, but would have no chance of making much in the way of sales from a single web site. Consequently, they would recruit an army of affiliates by offering commissions of anywhere between 20% and 75%. This strategy always worked and an author could well end up with thousands of affiliates promoting the ebook on their websites and through mail outs to their lists. It was all a numbers game. The more affiliates and the bigger the lists, the greater the sales. I should also mention Clickbank here, where an author could list an ebook and it would be picked up by anyone with a Clickbank account as a product they wanted to promote.

All this is now changed as a result of an innovative approach taken by Jon Leger. Jon is well known in internet marketing circles as a result of his fantastic Adsense tracking programs, but his $7 book concept has surpassed this by far and taken off like a rocket across the internet.

When you purchase his ebook, $7 Secrets, you not only get an ebook chock full of useful information, but you also get the full resale rights to the ebook and all the scripts you need to do so. Talk about value! Already there has been a huge amount of new publications based on his concept using these scripts and it is fantastic to see the amount of information becoming available to ordinary, everyday people at an affordable price. If there was an award for internet innovator of the year, then my vote would certainly go to Jon.

There have been several spinoffs already with a $7 Forum and many sites selling and promoting $7 ebooks. This whole new revolution in internet marketing and ebook production can only benefit ebook producers and ebook purchasers alike.


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