There are all kinds of differences in this world, different in knowledge, different in status, and different in chance, but in the face of books, we are all equal. After reading similar books, we have something in common, which will bring us closer.

If you don’t like reading, busy may be a reason, but the most fundamental thing is that you don’t realize the benefits of reading, and you don’t realize the fun of reading.

Reading makes the combination of extracurricular learning in class. The knowledge we have from the classroom is not very specific and easy to understand, and it needs to be digested before it can be absorbed. A large amount of reading can integrate the knowledge that you have learned from the lesson into the knowledge acquired from the extracurricular books, and complement each other to form a “three-dimensional”, solid knowledge system until the ability is formed.
Reading enhances the realm of life and strengthens the humanistic spirit. Extracurricular reading strengthens the human spirit in the subtle influence. When students evaluate the meaning and value of reading outside the classroom, the students think that “there is a book accompanied, life is not lonely”, “taste life in reading, enhance the realm of life”, which is also an inevitable gain and the biggest gain of extracurricular reading.
The famous Soviet educator Suhomlinski said well: “If the student’s intellectual life is limited to textbooks, if he has completed his homework and feels that the task has been completed, then he is unlikely to have his own special hobbies.” Students have to live their own lives in the world of books. Reading should be regarded as your own pleasure.

We are in the era of reading pictures, we are exposed to a lot of information every day, time is fragmented, and thinking is gradually becoming shallow. Reading is not just for us to get a respite in the ruthless era of technology, let us restart the brain to think deeply, but also to resist narrow, ideological control and public opinion. Reading is a mobile phone, playing computer can not be replaced!
Reading articles one word at a time and carefully understanding the meaning of the text is also very useful for our work. I can read the book and understand it deeply. Well, every contract and every email we encounter can be handled easily.
When we were in the book, we had to throw away the daily chores, let us get rid of the battalion of the whole day, talk to the wise, compare with the characters in the book, examine their own deficiencies, re-recognize themselves, and clarify their minds. Unthinkable doubts and eventually become a better person. Especially reading classic works that transcend the times, our gains are especially great!